A Natural Way To Heat Your Business.

Contrary to what many people believe, burning biomass is actually carbon-neutral. This is because biomass comes from by-products of other natural processes, so its combustion does not add to the existing carbon cycle.

For business, biomass boilers are ideal for heating industrial facilities, factories and farms, as these premises generally have the space needed to install the equipment. It’s also easier to integrate the infrastructure to channel the heat where it’s needed. Perhaps more importantly, biomass fuel costs very little and leaves behind very little ash, so cleaning and maintenance is minimal.

For these reasons, biomass boilers are ideal for radiators and hot water in large scale operations. It makes even greater sense (and savings) if biomass is already an end-product of your operations.

How Biomass Boilers work.

Biomass Wood PelletsGenerating energy from burning biomass is incredibly efficient with less than 10% of the energy generated form the most modern boilers going to waste, and since biomass in waste from renewable resources, it’s already good for the environment – as well as for your business finances.

The newest boiler technology incorporates automatic ignition and the latest heat exchangers for ultra-efficient operation. As well as being a low emission fuel, biomass is one of the lowest costing fuels you can use in your business. All you need is the tailor-made solution to make it to work best for you.

And that’s where Sun And Earth Renewables comes in. We’ll visit your business, talk to you about your needs, survey your site and come up with the best solution for your unique needs – one that will save you money and greatly improve your carbon footprint.

Benefits for your business

The boilers supplied by Sun And Earth Renewables can produce between 150KW and 800KW of heat – enough for the needs of most businesses. Together we will formulate the best solution for your needs with all of these benefits:

  • Clean technology, low emissions.
  • A cheap form of fuel compared to others.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Suitable for large facilities with more than one structure.
  • Can be installed inside or outside your main facility.
  • Boilers come in a range of sizes and styles to match your business

Is your boiler ready for an upgrade? Looking for a way to cut your heating and hot water costs and boost your environmental credentials? Contact Sun And Earth Renewables on 0800 849 3132 for more information on our biomass solutions.