Solar PV

Use Your Roof To Cut Your Overheads.

commercial solar pv sun roof panelsImagine not only eliminating your electricity costs, but also gaining a new revenue stream by selling electricity back to the national grid. The good news is that you can with the help of Sun And Earth Renewables.

If your premises have a large roofing surface area then, by installing solar PV panels, you could earn thousands by selling your surplus electricity through the government’s Feed-In Tariffs for renewable energy.

In fact, some businesses have reduced their electricity bills to a fraction of what they previously paid and what they now pay is offset against the tens of thousands they gain from selling their surplus electricity generated during business downtime.

You could be doing the same.

Even it you don’t have a lot of roofing space, the installation of just a few solar modules costs very little and can help you reduce your electricity costs throughout the year.

The technology used in solar panels has advanced greatly in recent years. Even where there is high levels of cloud cover, a constant level of electricity can be generated, so you purchase less electricity from your supplier and your business cuts costs.

Solar PV doesn’t cost much to get set up and you could recoup your investment in just a couple of years.

How Solar PV works.

industrial roof with solar panelsIn countries such as the UK, it was once thought that solar PV panels were a waste of time and money, and only effective during the summer months. However, the technology used in PV panel construction now means that a constant level of electricity can be generated even during low light.

What’s more, smaller, more aesthetically pleasing panels are capable of generating more electricity than ever before. And they come in a variety of designs to match the needs of your business.

Simply arrange a time for us to visit your premises and we’ll advise on the best solution for your business and let you know how much electricity you can generate – which will give you a good idea of how much money you can save on your energy costs.

We can advise on a range of solutions, from panels that mimic your existing roof structure to transparent cells, ideal from greenhouse and conservatory styled buildings.

The benefits for your business.

With all these benefits, is it any surprise that business demand for solar power solutions is growing year-on-year?

  • Lower electricity bills from the moment your system is operational.
  • The opportunity to gain a new revenue stream from Feed-In Tariffs (FIT).
  • A range of custom-built solutions to match your existing infrastructure.
  • Cut the carbon footprint of your business.
  • Future-proof your business from increased carbon taxes/environmental levies.

Ready to reap the benefits of solar PV? Contact Sun And Earth Renewables on 0800 849 3132 for an assessment of your business, your needs and your infrastructure.