Thermal PV

The Future’s Looking Brighter For Your Business.

If hot water is central to the operation of your business, then a solar thermal installation could make a significant difference to how much heating that water costs you. A solar thermal system could save you thousands over the course of the year, making a real difference to your bottom line.

Here, at Sun And Earth Renewables, we can help you construct a solar thermal solution that is ideal for the needs of your business, so your operations can really benefit, while your outgoings are lowered, giving your more cash to invest in other business-critical projects.

How Solar Thermal power works.

A solar thermal system might look a lot like a solar PV system, but it works on an entirely different premise. The power of the sun is used to heat a special fluid inside the panel tubes, which in turn, is transferred to a central tank, where it heats the water for use in your business. Even on a cloudy day having your water even slightly warmed can make a huge difference to the cost of getting that water up to the required temperature for usage.

Of course, on a sunny day, a system designed around your needs and infrastructure can easily supply most, if not all, of all your hot water needs. In a business that requires hot water for its core operations, that could mean huge savings annually.

When you talk to Sun And Earth Renewables, we will design your solar thermal system to work in tandem with your existing water heating system, giving you the most energy efficient system for your business. We can even help you construct a renewable energy solution that combines the power of a solar PV systems with a solar thermal system – if that’s more appropriate for your needs of your operation.

The benefits for your business.

Solutions are available for most types of systems from small businesses, to manufacturing, public organisations and hotels. A site survey will give us the information we need to develop the best solution for your needs, but the benefits will be seen in your business from day one:

  • Ideal for businesses with the need for constant source of hot water.
  • Massively reduce the cost of heating your water.
  • Designed to be compatible with your existing system.
  • Easily combined with other renewable solutions.

Contact Sun And Earth Renewables today on 0800 849 3132 for more details on how you can heat your water more efficiently for less.