Stop Burning Money - Generate More Heat For Less Cash.

Biomass boilers might seem complex, but, in reality, they are just modern, highly efficient wood burning stoves. What makes this type of heating system so effective is that they manage to capture as much as 90% of the heat derived from burning wood pellets. It’s this that makes them incredibly environmentally friendly and very cheap to run.

Putting a biomass boiler system to work for you

The latest state-of-the-art biomass boilers have been designed to be ultra-efficient. This is achieved through high-end engineering features such as automatic ignition and superior heat exchange technology – exactly the areas in which Sun & Earth Renewables Ltd specialise!

Biomass Wood PelletsBiomass is, in fact, one of the most economical and lowest emission fuels you can use. This is because more energy is derived from wood pellets than escapes due to the design of these highly efficient systems used.

And because wood pellets are made from a renewable source of wood and crop waste, it’s virtually CO2 neutral. Contrary to what you might think, biomass boilers are very convenient and easy to run. Wood pellets leave very little ash behind, so only needs to be cleaned infrequently.

Old style warmth with a modern style

As you can see, biomass boiler systems have huge advantages over traditional heating system and they can be used to provide energy for heating water and keeping your radiators warm.