Thermal PV

How Would You Like To Enjoy A Free Supply Of Hot Water?

Thermal PV PanelsSolar power is one of the oldest methods used to heat water. Now with the escalating costs of fossil fuels, homeowners are again turning to solar power to fulfil their hot water needs. In recent years, solar thermal systems have become the norm in Mediterranean where many countries have made the installation of the systems mandatory in new builds.

Even in colder climates such as the UK, solar thermal systems have become advanced enough to provide enough hot water to supply more than 60% of your household needs annually. There are other benefits too. As well as making your home more environmentally friendly, a solar thermal system will add value to your property.

Technology that could cut the cost of your hot water by more than 60%.

Solar thermal systems operate on the same principle as solar PV systems by collecting the sun’s energy on solar panels, usually located on a roof or other area exposed to sunlight.

Many customers ask us what happens in winter. The fact is, even on cold overcast days, the latest systems can supply as much as 20% of your hot water needs, so you can see just how much it could cut your annual hot water heating bill. Of course, all solar thermal systems will work well in conjunction with another renewable for example an Air source Heat pump .

The time is right for solar energy

The technology to heat your water using solar energy is more efficient than ever, so it makes more sense than ever to install a solar thermal system.